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Aotea High Risk Weeds

Learn more about a new initiative has been launched to educate and support weed control measures for Aotea / Great Barrier Island’s most problematic pest species.

aotea Trap Library

The Aotea Trap Library provides FREE rat traps to the community in exchange for their rat catch data. The aim is to have easily accessible, free rat traps for as many households and community projects as possible throughout Aotea, to cover as much of the island as we can.

Native Plant Nursery's

There are two nurserys on Aotea, Great Barrier Island, one in in the south of the island, the Aotea Community Native Plant Nursery and one in north of the island, Okiwi Green.

Community Garden

The community garden was established in XXXX and  is located in Medlands / Oruawharo, beside the St John Church and Opp Shop. It a hub of activities where volunteers contribute their time in the garden in exchange for good fresh organic vegetables and good company. 

Community Bird Count

Aotea is a safe haven for many birds and the Aotea Bird Count provided a much needed island-wide assessment of our birds. The count aims to record the presence of all bird species over 16 locations across a range of habitat and elevation types as well as different levels of pest control. 

Responsible Pet management

Some tips to reduce predation of native birds and lizards by cats, and predation of coastal and ground nesting birds by dogs.