Native Plant Nurseries

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There are two nurseries on Aotea, Great Barrier Island, one in the south of the island, the Aotea Community Native Plant Nursery and one in the north of the island, Okiwi Green.


The Aotea Community Native Plant Nursery was set up in 2019 as a partnership between Windy Hill, Auckland Council and the Aotea, Great Barrier Island Local Board. The nursery propagates many different native plants and is a great resource for the local community, providing eco-sourced native species to replace weed species and restoration projects across the island. 


The nursery relies heavily on volunteer support for the nursery for example seed collection, propagation and raising seedlings. The nursery is open every Saturday 10am to 2pm (or by appointment), located at the end of Garden Road, Mulberry Grove. Email:

Okiwi Green is a family run native nursery that specialises in wholesale native plants, growing plants in bulk quantities for conservation, re-vegetation, wetlands, farm planting, land development and shelter. They have over 20 years experience (previously Motu Nursery) exprience . They have an indepth knowledge and grow a wide range of native plants from locally collected seed. They are happy to take orders, big or small and grow plants tailored to your needs. Contact 021 2397 051 or email