Responsible Pet Management

how to manage


To reduce predation of native birds and lizards by cats:

  • Keep your cat indoors at night (native wildlife are particularly vulnerable at dawn and dusk)
  • Feed your cat a quality diet
  • Cats to wear a collar with a bell to alert birds
  • Provide moving toys for your cat to play with to reduce boredom
  • Never abandon a cat

If you ever spot a feral cat or see sign please contact the local council 09 40290 258

how to manage


To prevent predation of coastal and ground nesting birds by dogs:

  • Know the dog exercise areas and rules
  • Discourage your dog from chasing birds on beaches, reserves, parks or tracks
  • Join a puppy or dog training group to learn how control your dog
  • Dogs wear a collar with identification tags
  • Provide appropriate shelter and food
  • Keep your dog on a leash around coastal areas where native birds nest


Auckland Council and DOC do hold Bird Adversion Training courses for your dogs. Please get in contact with them for more information (details below). If you see a wandering dog or unappropriate dog behaviour (i.e., chasing protected shore birds) on beaches please contact the local Auckland Council office 09 4290 258 or DOC 09 4290 044